Piaggio Avanti P180

An other hobby of mine is radio controlled model flight, through a model builders forum I met Vincent who has a website on which he sells plans for rc aircraft. His next project will be the Piaggio P180.
Through some research on the internet het found the owner of one of the two P180’s that are stationed in the Netherlands. So he send the guy a message that he needs to shoot some pics of details of the plane for his new project and he gets invited! Can you imagine sending a multi-millionaire an email and getting a reply within the hour? So cool! And I don’t mean an “out-fo-the-office reply” 😛 On the forum he said he was going to take pictures so I asked if I could tag along. He let me! (Thanks Vincent)
It wasn’t too easy getting on the platform where the plane was because of the security so in the end there wasn’t much time to take pictures but being up close and personal to a 5 million bucks aircraft was interesting enough. It is a beauty! Vincent, get your *** behind that computer and get going on these drawings so I can order them! (just kidding)

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