Catacombs in Paris

In Paris there are many quarries, used for excavating limestone which is used in many of the buildings. Somewhere along the line, the graveyards were full and with wars and diseases there were many dead to be buried. They used the quarries for this and they called them the catacombs (catacombes). A very small part you can visit. Other parts are visited by cataphiles / urban explorers. I didn’t have a guide or anything so I went for the safe option and took the tour. We also didn’t have much time to go looking for an entrance since we were there with my work and just had the saturday afternoon of to do something on our own. It’s huge and there are more bones than you could ever count in your entire lifetime! And the tour is only maybe 5% of the entire catacombes. Sure worthwhile to visit if you’re ever in the area. As we were waiting in line I got my offcamera flash stuff out to get some funky lighting stuff going only to find out that flash is not allowed inside. 🙁 So I shot the most of these pics without tripod at iso3200 and still am pretty pleased with the results. Damn, do I love my new Canon 40D!


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