My Gear

Just started setting this page up, will add more and toss in some pics.

Canon EOS 40D My main workhorse, recently bought (duh) and very happy with it, maybe need a battery grip to go with it someday…
Canon EOS 10D My backup workhorse, bought secondhand in 2005 from a pro photographer. Battered and worn but I’m pretty happy with it.
Canon EOS 30 Gathering dust at the moment but other than being not digital a perfect camera.

battery grip
Canon BG ED3 For my 10D, since I bought this many of my photo’s have gone vertical 😉 Definitly wouldn’t want to do without it anymore

Metz 54Mz3 My on-cam flash, works perfectly with the Metz SCA 3102 M2 shoe. I also have an 3080 shoe which allows it to work as a slave, flash triggered or triggerd with the Metz remote system
Canon 540EZ I have 2 of these for use as portable studio or strobist style lighting. Previously owned by a photographing company they are very worn but still going strong. (and got them for next to nothing)
Canon 430EZ Smaller brother of above mentioned, rest of the description is the same…
Metz 50Mz5 My monster flash, can be used as a slave with the 54Mz3 or with the 3080 shoe it becomes flash triggered. Actually currently “te koop” or for sale since I switched to the Canon remotes for the “portable studio” stuff.

Ebay/ Gadgetinfinity 4 channel Yes, these are the cheap-*** ebay remotes, but hey… if you know me at all, you know these fit my profile. I’m dutch what can I say?

500W lamp/ holder  

Diffusers and stuff
corogrids Grid made from coroplast, correx or whatever you name it. Currently only one, 5 cm wide, but will make some more in the near future. Glued some elastic band to it to keep it on the flash. For those looking for some small amount of correx in the Netherlands: try your local real estate broker, they have signs to put on windows made from correx (at least mine did).

Babydrop A small black backdrop: 1×1.5m first used for the babycard of my son Luc.


Bungee straps Not bungee balls but imo a better solution, these can be bought at sailing shops.

Lowepro Reporter 200 My main bag of tricks, fits anything for a regular wedding or urban exploring shoot, the tripod can be attached to the side and carrying sling. (Not designed for it but hey…)
Lowepro Mini mag P Used for the EOS 30 for a while but now in use for transporting my Flashes.

Probably loads of stuff I’m forgetting right now but this is for starters

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