Radio Kootwijk is a small town in the Netherlands. The housing accommodations of Radio Kootwijk arose as a result of the building of a Radio Communications Center (a shortwave transmitter) in 1919. The transmitters were a means of communication between the Netherlands and the colony of Dutch East Indies.
In 1923 the Dutch PTT started trans-oceanic telegraphy using a longwave transmitter, and in 1928 a telephonic connection was established through shortwave. At the end of WWII the German forces who occupied Radio Kootwijk destroyed the transmitter. Some of the radio towers were rebuilt.
Off course due to new technology the Radio Station became obsolete. In 1980 the last transmission mast was blown up. In 2004 all activities were stopped.
In 2004 the Station and surroundings were transferred from KPN to the “Dienst Landelijk Gebied”. They in turn, turned over all surrounding forest and nature to “Staatsbosbeheer”. (the State Forestry)
The buildings are currently being use as “anti-kraak” (can anyone tell me an english word for this? -> thanks Illo), used for housing sheep and climbing training.
At Current the DLG is establishing a plan to change the use of all the buildings. Some will be studio’s some exhibition centers etc.
The DLG asked me to take pictures of the current state to be used on their website and other graphics. These are some pictures of the main building.
More (dutch) info on Site of DLG

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