I have two Canon 540EZ’s which have an issue with low battery power. If the batteries aren’t fully charged, the flashes will not sync under 1/30th. At least not with the cactus remotes. To bypass this problem and in addition get a shorter recycle time for the flashes I decided to switch to DIY external battery packs. These are so called Lead Acid batteries or SLA’s with a voltage of 6 Volt. I got mine at a model building shop, I decided to go for the 3 Amps version which is still pretty big and heavy but not too big and heavy in my opinion. 3 Amps should last quite a while. It uses wooden dummy penlites so you can always use normal penlites if you want. I think they’ll come in handy at the dutch strobist meet in march. Check out the pictures to see how I did all this.
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