One of the urban exploring friends organised a little trip to Doel in Belgium. What can I say, what a wierd town. It is sort of half abandoned, there are still people living there, also lots of squatters. Doel was supposed to be wiped of the charts for extension of the harbours but it never really gotten through. If you’d like to know more about what happend you can check the wiki on Doel. So this should be one of the easiest findable and accesible urban exploring locations. Also quit convenient is that the pub is still open 🙂 Downside is that it actually get’s quite crowded especially during the summers. I even had to wait for 2 photographers from another group to notice me and be so kind to go out of my picture. Strange guys though… I was doing some strobist style shooting and one of the guys said: hey, there’s a lens lying here… So I replied: yeah that’s my FLASH and please leave it there, it’s there for a reason. 🙂 Had a great time there, weather was perfect and we had a nice group of people moving about.

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