Added another piece of gear to my collection: a simple monopod. Also for use as strobe on a rope at weddings. But, out of the box just doesn’t cut it for me. 😉 So what to do with a monopod? Well, convert it to a flash / lightstand off course. Some more strobist action on the go! There are some really (really!) fancy mods out there but since I (no longer) have access to a machine park I figured something simpler. It starts with a beach shelter which sets you back for about 5 euro’s. Other than that only thing I purchased was some alloy tubes to strengthen the legs, without these the legs were to flexible and the whole thing would tumble. One of the fun things is that you can easily remove the extra legs if you want!

Rest of the “howto” is under the pictures if you view them full size.

Most important for you guys I think is the lessons learned: MDF and screws… not good. Let me know if you’re doing something with this diy howto.

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