backstage pass Baroeg Open Air

First of all a big thanks to all the people who have made Baroeg Open Air possible. Thanks to all the volunteers and bands Baroeg Open Air was great. Also thanks to the organization who supplied us with above pictured backstage- and photographer “passes”.

We’ve watched/listened/shot nearly the entire program but missed out on the last act but had a great time. Below are galleries per band and one gallery with people and other stuff from the surroundings.

For information on usage of these photo’s please contact through my website or by email



New Era Dojo:

Hard Resistance:

Taze Bitti:

Highway Chile:


Diary of Dreams:

the Wounded:


Umbra et Imago:

People and surroundings:

Any more information on these bands:
Diary of Dreams
Highway Chile
Hard Resistance
Umbra et Image
The Wounded
Taze Bitti
New Era Dojo

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