I’ve been thinking about this quite a while and well… here it is: a blast from the past, bought yesterday at fotografica:

(loading might take a while)

It’s a Bronica ETRS, 6×4,5cm Medium Format camera. Playing around with it I found some nice engineered features and well… the fact that left is right and right is left… I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get used to… Time to do some serious considering before pushing the shutter. Hoping to learn a lot from this “new” experience.

At the professional imaging fair next door we checked out this tool to make cool 3D rotating images so I figured I’d try this as well. Even without the spinning table and fancy lighting it turned out nice I think. Would’ve been near impossible if the Bronica didn’t happen to turn so nicely on it’s tripod screw. I took 32 images, I tried to do 10 degrees per photo but some heavy calculations show that I wasn’t that precise.

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